Color Personality

Stolen from animeangel4eva 

The first time I picked with the choice for which words described me more in my mind, this was the result I got. 

Your rainbow is shaded green.


What is says about you: You are an intelligent person. You feel strong ties to nature and your mood changes with its cycles. Those around you admire your fresh outlook and vitality.

Find the colors of your rainbow at

The second time I picked with the choice for which words made me happier in my mind, I have trouble between "earth" & "sky" choice because while I felt like that I am an earth person (yes, I'm down on earth), looking down at earth didn't made me as happy as when I looked up at the sky. I also had trouble between "adventure" & "tranquillity" choice because I like both and both made me happy. I'm an adventure person (traveling is what I like to do and desire to do) but as willful as I am, I also yearn for tranquillity, Haha, I'm a such greedy and contradict person.

And this is the result I got after:

Your rainbow is intensely shaded violet, brown, and green.


What is says about you: You are a deep thinking person. You appreciate beauty and craftsmanship. You are patient and will keep trying to understand something until you've mastered it. Those around you admire your fresh outlook and vitality.

Find the colors of your rainbow at

Both seems like me though. I guess the first one I chose is me on the outside, easy change by nature, while the me on the insides is "depth thinking and patient enough to pursue what I wanted to understand", I guess. I'm still on my way finding out about that though.
Hand Reach

Bleach 272 Screencap

This report will be the last one as this ep is the last ep that I would ever seen Ulquiorra, Orihime and UlquiHime again. Now if only the manga would do the deed for me, but Kubo-sensei is a sadist.

There's a lot of mind spinning and brain exploding in this ep. It took me a quite to gather all the thought together. Thinking about it, from the beginning when the anime was finally back to manga canon starting from animating Lust Arc, I didn't expect any much from Pierriot of how they would present the UlquiHime hand reaching scene that could top the manga over. I didn't hope that they could make the same impact to me when I read the manga. My only hope during that time was for they not screwing the scene up. As the anime processed ep by ep, my expectation just kept dropping lower and lower, well because of the OCC fillers, nonsense censor and extra tinny bits of random changes that called "canon omission". Overall, I think Pierriot did best with all the fighting and its effect. But when it came to emotional scene and characterization, they didn't give any effort to improve. I wonder whether I was being forgiving so easily. Oh well, the last ep of Ulquiorra really left me a good satisfaction. There are some ticking part that makes me sigh, but the ep as a whole really gave me a happy and sad feeling when it's over. For me to become emotional after watching the ep, I think it finally did a good deed. Thank you, Pierriot for trying hard to create the last memorial for UlquiHime hand reaching scene despite all of the screwing moments you did to them in the past.

I've watched the both RAW version and the SUB version from Dattebayo. Surprisingly, DB finally translated "kokoro" as "heart", not "soul". And the translation through this ep is very decent and pretty much accurate that I don't spot out any jokes. I wonder whether it's because this is also the last ep of Bleach that DB decided to sub seriously before dropping out. Anyway, I'm glad because it's freaking the time.

Overall about the animation quality, it's TOP NOTCH :> There's no weird face. It's even better than ep 270 which I had deemed as the best one in animation quality so far. But while ep 270 is a fighting ep, this ep is not for the fight, but for the emotion and the angst after the fight. This is the ep where every seiyuu did their best to convey their emotion, notably Ulquiorra's (Namikawa), Ichigo's (Morita), Ishida's (Noriaki) and Orihime's (Yuki). I tried to read the manga while hearing their voices, the edge of emotion really shook me up with shiver. That also went along with the choices of music using in this ep.

Like ep 271, flashback were used at full most though I did expect that would happen. Though overusing was not what I expected for, yet it still happened anyway.

Screencap will come in handle along with the sub because when eyesmex happened, we needs sub to know what the hell going on. Also the dialogues in this ep are what needed to note most as well as the images themselves. I will skip the screencap of the Rudobone fight because all my mind just focused on what happened on the dome.

This ep covers chapter 352, 353 and 5 pages of chapter 354. The ep opens with the fight between Rudobone and Rukia co. under the dome until Yammy finally fell down to the bottom. There's a bit fillerish because giving the Renji-Chad combo to help Rukia is a filler that the anime had screw up in the previous ep. But it's handled cleverly at the end. The ep ends with UlquiHime hand reaching and it seems that the anime decides to merge the end of chapter 353 and 5 pages of chapter 354 together. Besides what happens to IchiHime flashback and filler, everything pretty much follows the canon in manga.

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Bleach Meme

I'm bored, so I tried to dig out some Bleach meme that I've stolen long ago, but didn't have time to post on my journal.

This Bleach meme was stolen from witch_of_souls 

List 10 favorite character in Bleach in the order from the first and foremost favorite to the tenth favorite:

1. Ulquiorra
2. Byakuya
3. Rukia
4. Orihime
5. Kaien
6. Ichigo
7. Yoruichi
8. Gin
9. Rangiku
10. Ishida

Now starting the meme:

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Bleach Ep 271 Screencap

Ah ah, this ep is quite a torture to watch for me. Because it's all about Orihime being broken down to a messy wreth together with her n "Kurosaki-kun" and " What should I do" while Ulquiorra was brutally beaten up and humilated by Ichithing. No offense to Orihime's seiyuu, but she was successful in making my ear bleed with her kun chant.

In addition, the animation quality fluctuates up and down in this ep just like a stock market chart, especially when it comes to Orihime because the anime never gets her face right. Moreover, we has CENSORSHIP and that fucking censor had degraded the heroic in Ishida and whatever happened to Ulquiorra and Ichithing's hollow nature. Don't get me wrong, the fights are great. I like how they extends the fight between Ulquiorra and Ishida and the fight between Ulquiorra and Ichithing. The soundtrack and effect are amazing. I just dislike the very details in the manga that the anime decides to change in the anime just to fit the C. And also whatever happen with Ichigo after being blasted a hole in his chest.

I think the only thing that keeps me watching this torturous ep is Ulquiorra, and Ulquiorra only. Because most of best animation quality goes to him. And because I got chance to hear him PANTING and RECITING his LUST POEM sexy and smexy in the anime :> That made the ep worth.

Like I said in the previous screencap report, after the Dattebayo's mistranslation from "kokoro" to "soul" instead of "heart", I decide to watch another version from other fansubbers. And I discover Animatrix. While the quality is in HD that is better than DB, the translation from Animatrix is pretty much the same as DB except they properly translate "kokoro" into "heart", not "soul". So I recommend if you want to watch the sub of this ep where Ulquiorra read his poem about the "heart" in the preview and the sub of ep 272 which might feature the hand reaching scene and Ulquiorra talking about the "kokoro", better watch this version.

Screencap this time will be very selective and biased because I found none of any good quality snapshots of other characters beside Ulquiorra. There are some of Ishida though. I'm sorry about Orihime's quality. I try my best to get a good snapshot at her. The anime didn't allow me to do so. Ichithing is so scary to screencap to me, so I only post a few of him in account with Ulquiorra along.

This ep covers the total 3 chapter: 349, 350 and 351 from where Orihime zoomed the hole in Ichigo at the beginning of chapter 349 to where Ichithing blasted a big cero at Ulquiorra at the end of chapter 350. The CANON is pretty much screw up because of the censorship and some scene where the already-dead-Ichigo would be able to see everything happened to Ishida and Orihime and got up because he wanted to help them on his own account, but seriously, it's his instict, not his consciousness that made him rising. Pierriot, you're always failed. 

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Bleach Ep 270 Screencap Part 2

Part 2

Continue from part 1, this part is all about Ulquiorra in his SEGUNDA ETAPA and his EPIC BATTLE with the heart. Also the UlquiHime confrontation <3 Comment on Ulquiorra's 2nd release and UlquiHime will take place in this post ^_^

This ep is totally an Ulquiorra ep because it's full of Ulqui being all victory and smexy. Even the Omake Preview and Arrancar Encyclopedia are also about him. So I also include it in the screencap because it's hilarious to see Ulquiorra acting OCC.

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Bleach Ep 270 Screencap Part 1

First and foremost, Ulquiorra's 2nd release happens in this ep.


Second, I'm sorry for all Ichigo fans because this is the ep where I enjoy watching Ichigo beaten up.

Unlike the previous eps, this time, this ep stays true to manga without adding any random OCC fillers. Though there are still some random filler moments in the name of extending the IchiUlqui fight. But I don't hate it anyway because it only means that Ulquiorra uses more attacks to beat Ichigo up.

Although I still spot some funny, wonky face drawing during the snapshot, the animation does get better. It's not the best, but in compare to the standard and the previous eps, the quality does get better.

I watched the sub version from Dattebayo. As much as I fear, there's a funny mistranslation of "kokoro" from DB that's "soul" instead of "heart" *facepalm* I guess, I'd better watch the other fansubber like Animax or ELEMENT for HD and better translation when "The Ash" and "heart" are animated in ep 272 and 273.

This ep covers the total 3 chapter: 346, 347 and 348 from where Ulquiorra broke a part of Ichigo's mask at the beginning of chapter 346 to the end of chapter 348 where he blew a hole in Ichigo's chest. So far, this ep is the most CANON ep in the Sins Arc after it returns to CANON.

I divided this post into 2 parts because there's a lot of good screencaps I take and want to post. The first part contents all kind of screencap of Ulquiorra fighting in his 1st release, MURCIELAGO. The second part contents all screencap of Ulquiorra fighting in his SEGUNDA ETAPA.

This is the first part and all comments of Ulquiorra in his 1st release will take place in this post ^_^


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Bleach Ep 269 Screencap

First and foremost, Ulquiorra's 1st release happens in this ep. AND IT'S FRUCKING EPIC. So beware the SQUEEZE coming >w<

Second, I have a mixed feeling toward the rest of this ep. There is still an out-of-character feeling presenting. But compare to the previous, it's not much unpleasant. There are fillers in the name of "extending the fight" filler, but they did not butcher much the characters nor it's unpleasant to watch. I guess I'm biased afterall. Because, the main filler of this time is Ishida :3 But so far, I'm satisfied with the way the anime portrayed his fight with Yammy, in totally in character. Rukia is another debatable topic of OCC.

Unlike the two previous eps, the animation quality in this ep fluctuates from wonky sometimes to best of the best, especially at the end.

I watched the sub version from Dattebayo. There are some mistranslation, but not much different in meaning.

Screencap will be presented, mostly about Ishida and Ulquiorra because the SMEXY award of this ep went to them. I also intent to put on Ichigo's and Orihime's screencap, but the animation quality went into crap when it comes to Ichigo's mask and Orihime's kun one because in some occasions, they drew them very poorly.

This ep covers the end of chapter 343 where Yammy confronted with Ishida, chapter 344 and chapter 345. The only canon that is worth to mention is Ulquiorra's epic first release on the dome and his fast attack at Ichigo's head. The fight between Ishida and Yammy is prolonged in anime and takes at a different place from manga. Also there are more fillers in the fight between Rukia and Rudobone.

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Bleach Ep 268

Since ep 267 put up much the expectation in the preview, I expected nonetheless that it would process the same flow in manga canon. I WAS WRONG. I never expect anything right, but this time is a BIG DAMN WRONG among all of my expectations of wrong. I will continue to give out my feeling toward what anime had done in compare with the manga.

I was wrong by assuming animation quality would become better ep by ep.
I'm sorry that I didn't say the animation quality in ep 267 was not the best. It was good actually because I found none of bad snapshot in that ep (even the hilarious missing horn scene is good in quality too) But the animation quality of this ep, 268, isn't going any better. Or worse, it dropped... and dropped very low too. I almost think that only Ulquiorra and Ishida were drawn and animated by pro-artists while the rest of characters were drawn and animated by amateurs who can't draw shit about facial expression and body disposition. Most of time, there are moments that I wonder by myself "WHO THE HECK ARE YOU???" while looking at the screen. Because of the title was all about Orihime, I though it would concentrate more on Orihime instead of Ulquiorra. Even so the animation quality of Orihime in this week is indeed horrible than the previous (which had been already somehow weird last week) I guess all of the animation budget had gone to Ulquiorra and his horn (to make up the missing horn last week maybe) because other characters' faces like Ichigo, Orihime, Loly, Yammy, Renji, Chad had all messed up.

I was wrong by assuming that manga CANON is anime CANON that the anime wouldn't mess with the character's character like what they did in the filler.
I don't really hate nor mind if they wanna add something sideline spice to the canon storyline AS LONG AS they don't mess up the current storyline that Kubo had set in his manga and his characters. I really enjoyed the last ep where the filler scene between Chad and Renji fought together as a team. However, I couldn't stomach this kind of filler in this ep... because it was all sort of wrong, totally different from what I have read in manga. And moreover, the fact they cut off panel of Ulquiorra's reaction toward Orihime being abused by the Lolies which Kubo inserted RIGHT there in his manga while changing his story into some soap OCC-ness between Orihime and the Lolies in anime made me want to facepalm. Unlike the previous ep in which fillers usually released the tension when the battle is high, this ep filler totally destroyed all of the surprise that was in the anime, namely Yammy's arrival and Ishida's arrival.

I watched the sub version from Dattebayo. Like the previous ep, the mistranslation is still presented, but this time, I took it more like a joke from them. Because there are some hilarious lines that made me LOL instead taking it seriously. There are probably other fansubs which are better in translation. But I went for DB because it's fastest and easiest to get the most.

Overall, that's the complaint about what bad in this ep. I know that everybody had their own biased and preference of how Bleach works in anime. It's not like they had to be the same. But I can't say what drawn poorly is pretty well done. So are what in the manga are not presented in the anime for-god-damn-know-reason and what not presented in manga are conveniently added and changed in the manga, just to spice up the drama and soap while screwing up the ORIGINAL material, that's definitely not intelligent.

But so far, there are some good moments in this ep that I could enjoy wholeheartedly, for example, the confrontation between Ulquiorrra and Orihime where Ulqui totally forgot that he was fighting to death with Ichigo who was behind him and nonchalantly chat and walked toward Orihime XD I also like the scene where he insulted Ichigo with his sarcasm XD Also the scene where he rescued Orihime from Ichigo's Getsuga. While Orihime's animation quality during that time is horrid, but Ulqui put up a good one to make up for, especially the climax is where Ulqui threw a Cero to the side to stop Ichigo who thought that he would get off Ulqui's track. It was wonderfully well done, thought it's a filler scene, and I understood where all of the budget had gone in this ep. The way they animated Ishida's arrival with his smexy smile and sexy bow is also good too.

Screencap this time will be very selective and biased because I found none of any good quality snapshots of other characters beside Ulqui and Ishida.... especially snapshot of Ichigo and Orihime... Out of 10, there are 9 of them having such weird facial expression that I would never think they would have while the only one seemed at least look like the normal Ichigo and Orihime in filler arc.

This ep covers the Lolies part in chapter 341 and chapter 342 to 343 up to where Ishida's arrival in the manga. The canon of this ep is pretty much screw up by the Lolies and Orihime filler scene together with the omission of Ulquiorra's eye crinkle panel.

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Bleach 267 Screencap

Since Bleach anime is back to canon, so I'm going to recap some moments in the anime starting from ep 267 in compare with the manga. Because I have time while a bunch of sadist project papers nearby didn't appeal me any bit. I need inspiration, so I'm going to review my head now.

I've watched the both RAW version and the SUB version from Dattebayo. I guess it said enough for how much I have been looking forward Bleach anime returns to canon.

While I'm still a little nervous for how they're going to screw up the canon, I just hope they didn't make the OP just for show. Yeah, I'm always pessimistic when it comes to anime giving its past record for screwing things up, especially when it comes to the ever subtle UlquiHime-ness.

There's one thing for me to say about Dattebayo 's translation in the sub, it's sometimes wrong on some occasions. But at least, the most important lines are still the same. But I'm picky when I heard one meaning in Japanese and read another different meaning in English. At least, I'm glad that they kept the part where Ulquiorra called Orihime "onna" as "woman". I remembered from an old days, they still called her as "girl" and translated "kokoro" as "soul" instead of "heart" XO

Overall about the animation quality, I think it's above average, but it's not the best. It's better than the fillers, but it's neither better than the previous canon eps namely the Findor vs. Hisagi fight. Well, saving best things for the last, I guess. Some parts of fighting were too fast and I couldn't catch up while others were too slow when it didn't need to. Also reused frames and static dull expressions. Also the flow of the Ichi vs. Ulqui fight had been interrupted many times by the Chad / Renji moments, so I was just like a balloon, being stuffed air and being deflated it over and over again. It's not good for the nerve if they were doing it more than TWICE. I know it's for releasing the tension, but doing it too much just make me lost all of the tension that the IchiUlqui fight should built up on me. Then again, I admit that I like everything in relation of IchiUlqui fighting choreography. Because it was wonderfully well done.

Screencaps will come in handle though I'm not sure I could put all of them... I was intent to follow every panel in manga and screencap the particular similar scenes in anime, but I realized that there would be too much. So I probably just put some epic moments that I'd like to remember. So BEWARE for loads of images.

This ep consists the recap from the previous basically from the beginning of chapter 318 and from the end of chapter 339. The canon of this ep includes 2 chapters 340 and 341, also a little bit from chapter 342 (The Yammy & Puppy) in manga.

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