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The Shag, Marry, Cliff Meme
The Shag, Marry, Cliff Meme

1) Comment to this and I will give you 3 fictional people
2) Post this meme to your LJ with your answers.
3) Provide pictures and the names of the 3 people.
4) Label whom you would shag, marry and (push off a) cliff.

Taken from phoenix089 and she offered me... evil option of Ulquiorra, Ichigo and Grimmjow =D

ShaG: Ulquiorra =D

For two reasons. First, Ulquiorra didn't accept any woman in his heart beside his woman. If I were married him, we would both cheat. Second, Ulquiorra Segunda Etapa is super kinky. His 1st release is like gender-bender for role play =D

Married: Grimmjow

It might be a rough marriage since Grimmjow likes to follow his instinct XD However, he's the only one that I considered having no canon relationship with opposite sex :p Unless you count on Orihime, Nel and Loly. I want to married him to keep him away from both sex hetero & homo alike XD A marriage life with Grimmjow is like a riding roller coaster without knowing where it's going. But it's the fun of life =D and I have the privilege to shag him anytime I like XD

Ciff: Ichigo

He would be the biggest threat if I were married Grimmjow.
For various reasons, I'm at odds with him and his character development. I'm still sore what happened during Lust Arc with Ulquiorra. I sympathized with him at the end of Arrancar Arc and frustrated with him again in the new arc.  I don't hate him, but I don't fancy him either. Sometimes, I did think he needed to be pushed off the cliff to stop his denial.
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Oh gods. That picture with Murcielalgo and Ulquiorra. U-N-F! I totally support your decision to Shag that The question is which do you choose And can I have the other? >D
Also, I totally agree with these words: Ulquiorra didn't accept any woman in his heart beside his woman. Trufax like fax that had never been spoken XD

LOL at your reasoning behind Grimmy. It's true though, he hasn't ever shown which side he plays for has he? Married life with Grimmjow would certainly be interesting *o*

As for your last ... Support! I like Ichigo, generally speaking, but he need's to get over his hero-complex, imo. He can't save the world anymore than he can help the fact that he misses Rukia. He can only do what he can, and he should just be happy with what he does achieve instead of lamenting about what he couldn't.

Fangirls should accepts the fax that though his heart exists for Orihime, his body is for us to fangirl and dream. And as long as Ulquiorra still can release twice, it's dream of every fangirl to shag him in any form >D Join in 3P with me before he's unavailable! LOL >8D

While I can image a marriage life with both Uqluiorra & Ichigo, with Grimmjow, it's never the *house improvement* one. More like a road trip across the country XD

TBH, Ichigo would be the biggest threat if I were married Grimmjow. *Reason add to my previous post* The scary thing is it isn't a joke. LOL. He was there by DEFAULT, but I did have hard time to chose whether I should marry him or push him to the cliff in order to make him open his eyes and accept what he was instead of being complex over it, be it his emo-ness or hero-complex. I'm not patient and wise like Rukia to get through his head.

The question is which do you choose

Who says you have to choose? >8)

The first, I agree...unf, to be between those two.~ Lucky, Lucky Orihime. XD

The Grimmjow reason is cute, tbh. XD

Plus Ichigo would survive the cliff fall anyway. xp

You icon WIN <3 Orihime is a lucky woman XD

If the fanboi didn't hype his violence, you can see him as a cute kitty :> since he craves for attention XD e.g. with Ulquiorra & Ichigo.

I'm aware that pushing all of those three off the cliff wouldn't kill either any of them. Just a metaphor for "I want to kick his butt" XD

Btw, do you want to do this meme? Since you've comment mine after all.

Well, I tagged you anyway *ebilz* Feel free to refuse ;P

Let's see. How about Ulquiorra of Bleach, Gajeel of Fairy Tail and Flynn Rider of Rapunzel ;p

I'll do it! XDDDDDD Not as hard as Phoniex gave me. >< <3 Thanks~

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