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Bleach 415 - GinRan!Bittersweet & Aizen!Butterfly

Comment on the chapter & little tibits of observing:

I was speechless...

Stunned and Speechless.

Reading spoiler is one thing, but reading the actual chapter is on entirely different side of the universal. The chapter gave me the feeling that was very overwhelmed and left me speechless. Since ever the heart chapter, it's been a long time I had felt it again with that same kind of feeling.

I had to sit back, read and re-read the chapter again and again to sort out my thought, about Kubo's intent toward everything on this powerful chapter.


The chapter opened with teeny Gin playing in the flashback "days of the past" accidentally spotted the past-shinigami Aizen & his lackeys in the brush. I noticed that Aizen only had a normal shinigami outfit with the lack of the squad bagde, so he had not yet been the VC of the 5th Squad this time. This flashback was happened way before the TBTP arc.

The lackey handed over Aizen something that I saw it looked like some sort of energy. Soul? Reiatsu? He put them in the glass that contained the orb which was somewhat similar to the Hougyoku. Whatever something was, I think it might contain life's force of people if it were indeed put into the substance similar to Hougyoku, the orb of granting desires of the heart.

Now, I actually don't think that orb is the current Hougyoku we knew in the current storyline, because it might collide with the current plot where Urahara was the one who created it for the sake of his Hollowfication experiment to break down the barrier between Shinigami and Hollow in the TBTP and put it in Rukia around that time. It wouldn't make sense if Aizen had already posessed Urahara's orb before that. However, like Urahara, Aizen was also a scientist himself. I think this one is an imitate version of the Hougyoku Aizen created himself like an experiment. However, he failed and couldn't create the prefect one and around the time, Urahara managed to create the prefect orb.

Let's return to the chapter. Teeny!Gin watched Aizen with a strange expression on his face and flashback ended... and the time was back to the present.

The angle that Kubo drew for the shock on Aizen's face was great. It made me shiver and made the creep at the same time. Oh I can't get over the nostril nightmare! It seems that this is the first time we've ever seen Aizen expressed such kind of expression of such emotion in Bleach history.

I had a parallel vision about the Lust Arc where Ulquiorra blew a hole in Ichigo's chest over and over again. It's exactly the same pose, position and action for both Gin and Aizen now.

Deicide continues ;__; Why am I not surprise? The God hasn't been killed yet. But the attempt of killing God by Gin had been done already. Yet the arc with that title of "killing God" still continues!? However, instead of all CAPSLOCK, it's "deicide" NO CAPS :/ KILLINGCAPSGOD and killingnoncapsgod!? Was I reading too much? I guess this is obviously the mini short arc that Kubo had talked about in the interview happened before the Isshin arc. This arc might prolong with the same title until the the final showdow between Ichigo and Aizen afterall.

"A glimpse... of truth"

That 4 four words was so powerful. For Gin being a constant liar in this series, this is the first time that we ever caught on his glimpse of truth, aka the real motive for his DEICIDE action on Aizen.

We're back to the flashback on the splash page where there're footprints on the ground leaving one set of sandals in the snowy WINTER. It was related to here and there in Rangiku's POV about Gin leaving her behind. The background is exact the same. Kubo had THIS planned from the START.

The motion where Gin quickly snatched the orb together with defensed himself against the hand reaching fastly to grab his arm and shunpo away, just like a snake. So powerful. Gin certainly didn't want to be around Aizen to witness Aizen's death with a grin on his face. All I saw that he was desperately getting away from Aizen as far and fast as possible after the deed was done.

Aizen's shading expression of the eye and his mumbling Gin's name made me think of something odd. I believed it was his ever first and last sentiment toward someone despite of whatever it was. Aizen clearly saw Gin's intention of betraying him since the beginning. But he still kept him by his side and referred him as his only VC. I guess that Aizen would never think that Gin could be THIS EXTREME in betraying him like THAT. Aizen's shout was just like expressing all of emotion he had here for this shock and anger of betrayal. It was fucking intense to me.

And here I go again, seeing the parallel vision of the Lust Arc where Ichithing rose up and roared, devoid of any emotion. In this case, Aizen fell down and roared, but I felt all of his emotion had blown away together with that roar. Did you see his face? It's pure ANGER.

The cross in the middle of Aizen's chest made me think of the Tic-Tac-Toe with + and O. Both his Banana suit and Butterfly suit symbolized on Crusades, all the way to Christian. And now it also links with Seraphim when he obtained 6 six wings of butterfly in his back. Kubo's style of symbol is so ironic. Aizen must have become Jesus now.

As I remember, when the Arrancar released, they started on the regeneration to heal whatever injury they had pre-release, so Aizen must be on his released state right now as the Butterfly. Will we be able to see the Butterfly Effect from Aizen? Judging what was going on in RKT, it might come true.

Gin's arm was crunched. OUCH D8 Still, the fact that while his arm was crunched, he didn't let go of the orb. It's impressive. Seeing him hiding and breathing heavily as if he had just survived a disaster. He's NOT smiling anymore and THE sweatdrop, THE eyes crinckle. His mask was all cracked and broken into pieces. The grinning Gin was no more. It's the true Gin who just had attempted to blow a gigantic hole into the BIG BAD that antagonized every character in Bleach series and took the Hougyoku away sucessfully, the action that no one had ever able to achieve it before. It's was the Gin who managed to escape from death. Yeah, Lust Arc parallel vision started again in my eyes, if you know who I was referred about to parallel with Gin.

Of course, if Aizen was able to die with that gigantic hole, it would be all over. But hell for the plotkai that didn't allow that smugger to die because of his final foreshadowed showdown with Ichigo. So Gin cannot put himself at ease that easily.

Butterfla!Zen seems missing his eyebrows together with his hollowness eyes and his massive bunch of hair spaying around... and there's also a split in the middle of his forehead. It's all down to CREEPY to the BONE. You had to admit that this appearance is INHUMAN. Aizen was nothing but remaining to be "human appearance" when he sprouted out those butterfly wings. If his release was based on his image of God, like Gin, I wouldn't want to worship this God. So gay and creepy.

If I had thought about Gin being creepier than Aizen before, I would want to take those thought back at this moment. It seems in this scene Gin is the only who looks like "human" both inside and outside to me. Yeah, the Lust Arc parallel continues. The grinning creep stopped grinning and showed his emotion of "human" while the smugger became creepy.

Did it occur to you, but Aizen seems naked after this release? Or was I seeing something? The cross in his chest around the his hollow hole made me think of the target board for shooting. No doubt that Aizen was the only antanogist in this series. All of Bleach character must have to unite together to fight with him as a target.

Aizen still pertained the same old Aizen, only got rid of all connection he had with Gin like other pawns that he used. So it's true when he said that he had already made the Hougyoku submit to his will. Because there's nothing inside his pupils, the scaryness went double. Gin is DOOM-DOOM-DOOM now D: Gin rapidly looked at the orb in his hand. Oh Gin ;__; I'm not sure about this scene, so vague. Did the orb just glow light? Or did it blow a hole in his palm? My thought went from the latter, because if the orb just ONLY glowed with holy light, Gin wouldn't have that tense and utter shock expression enough for him to speak out loud "WTF IS THIS..."

LOL the butterfly wings are only for accessory. They aren't flapping XD I remember that halo ought to glow holy light from above the head, not from the chest inside out. No wonder despite of the intense, this scene looks funny to me.

And we return to the flaskback again, continue with the scene where Gin was hiding in the brush and spying. The panel focused on a certain lackey handing the "energy" and Gin was watching him. Then another flashback shifted to the scene of that lackey holding that energy grinning with his group. Flashback within flashback? It seems to look like that. Because the next flashback had different scenarios, not Gin in the brush anymore, but Gin in different outfit was out of open seeing them. So marvelous and wonderful, Kubo ;__; You started to become like Sorachi of Gintama.

In this flashback, Gin saw those lackeys leaving from somewhere and then saw Ran being bruised and unconscious lying on the road in that "place". The place that we had seen in Ran's memory in earlier days of SS arc about the first ever meeting between Gin and Ran. They had the same outfits and the same burn house background. IT WAS ALL PLANNED SINCE THE BEGINNING. Kubo, I salute you for such wonderful details.

Anyway, in the flashback, Teeny!Gin looked at the unconscious Ran with such expression alike to concerned. Gin as smart as he was must have figured whatever happened to Ran related to those lackey.

Now, I don't want to theorize or assume for what had happened to Ran or what those lackeys had done to Ran. Because whatever it was, I knew it's unpleasant. Judging from the state of her clothes, the bruise and the position of her body. If it's just normal as Yammy extracted souls in Karakura and people just collapsed on their face, Ran wouldn't ended up in that way. So there must be other things as well, but Kubo didn't want to state it explicitly. He left it for my head to explode. However, when I read back chapter 129 again, Gin had already gathered twigs and offered them to the lying Rangiku and told her that she was collapsed due to hunger (as if because Rukia said that souls would never be hungry in SS. So what Gin told Rangiku might be a lie -- that later started him on the liar path.)

Despite of knowing the unknown unpleasant things happened to her associated with those lackeys, Gins kept it in himself and didn't tell Ran. He came and helped her ;__; Why had that boy in that young age who showed such kindness to a stranger girl become a jerkass as he was right now? We had the answer. It's because of Aizen.

Flashback of the the second and the first replayed together as if Gin was putting pieces of puzzle together and finally figured out the cause for whatever unpleasant things happened to Ran before when he saw Aizen together with his lackey and stated in his mind that "This guy is the boss." The word sought out itself. Teeny!Gin in the brush openned both eyes the first time. The eyes sparkling with dertermination "This is the guy I have to---" put into death for whatever happened to my Ran. Yeah, it seems that kind of unspoken words to me without the need of writing on the page. When I saw his eyes, it's anger and hatred, extremely. Thinking back then, when he always had his eyes closed hiding his intention, and everytime when he opened, it's only dull and cold. Now I knew the reason. He couldn't look at Aizen with that hatred eyes (because it would reveal much his killing intent toward Aizen), so he chose to close it all the time.

After reading this chapter, Gin was revealed to me LIKE one of the EXTREME guy who had ONE-TRACK mind and HELL-bent on something once he set on it. He didn't care anything for good or evil. He only did what he wanted for his own personal matter. In this case, at that young age, he SET his path on KILLING Aizen. For what reason? Rangiku.

GinRan shippers might be overjoy right now because of Gin's extreme reason of DEICIDE for Ran. Yeah, I won't count on those fanboizs still wanted him to be a cold psychopath without any feeling. It's just the same talk happened to Ulquiorra being Aizen's fanboy and utterly evil devil that mind-fucked over Ichigo and Orihime over and over again. I wouldn't say that Gin was on the path of the good guy either. He's NOT when he chose this path of revenge in the name of killing God and acting like a creepy psycho to others. But what could I say? It was Gin's desicion at that young age for the sake of a single girl he met and formed bond/connection with. Truthfully, it's romatic tragically once the boy decided to become EVIL to the whole world for one single girl. Japanese fans like that trope the most. And Kubo surely knew what they wanted ;__; Sadist Kubo.

Speaking about GinRan shipping, Gin's poem was all about love, pretenting not know about it yet fully understanding it. Now it starts to make sense in his case of love.

One who paints the beauty in love
is one who pretends to not know love's form.
One who paints the ugliness in love
is one who understood it well.

Yes, it was ironic when he was on the cover of that volume with the title "end of hypnosis" (no CAPS) while Ran's poem was about afraid of returning the love she had and having the title "BLACK TO BLIND" (ALL CAPS) for her volume.
It is not terrifying to know sorrow.
Terrifying is to know you can't go back to happiness you could have.

I think Kubo was trying to make a point with GinRan opposite here. If from the beginning everything he had done (becoming shinigami, joining Aizen and becoming a psychopath) was for Ran, it's obviously hurt him when he saw Ran dishonest about her feeling with him. But Gin, you're also doing the same thing ;__; Reading this chapter reassured me that Gin would NOT and NEVER kill Ran like every bloodthirsty fanboiz wanted some death for the sake of character development. Yeah, he did hurt her and put her out cold. But comparing to what he had done to others, it's SO mild and vague to the point Aizen was suspicious at him and only let his guard down when he sensed her reiatsu was disappeared, but we all knew that Gin tried to move Ran far away from Aizen, told her that she was in the way literally and left her on that roof with no indication of WHATEVER he had done to her.

I don't defense Gin's character or justified whatever action he had done in a new light. He's just like the way I saw he was. That since the beginning, he seemed sharing no loyality toward any sides even if he was on Aizen's side. Gin was on his own side, acting on his own account and mysterious motive, and having a soft side ONLY toward Ran. Nothing about him changed, only his motive for his action was revealed, a glimpse of truth.

Though while his character was added the depth, it's not like what he had done to others (Rukia, Hitsu, Momo, Hiyori) weren't easily to be erased. But since he'd already chose to became BAD, he might choose to be EXTREMELY BAD so that he could gain Aizen's trust. (As I said, he was the kind of guy with the EXTREME personality) It took more 100 years for Gin to be trusted on Aizen's side and heard KS's weakness as we see them now.

For some reasons, this snakey guy reminds me of one or two similar hopeless case in Bleach. If you know who I referred to. Because of the feeling they harboured toward a woman, they resolved in the WRONG way. We seriously need a communication class in BLEACH.

Well, if it was that case, then I can theorize for the reason he wanted to antagonize other happy-go-couples in BLEACH (IchiRuki, HitsuMono and ShinjiHiyo) He was jealous of them, when he himself was in the hopeless case that couldn't be able to love and to be loved.

He antagonized Rukia by giving her the hope of living because at that time, Rukia had already accepted death. I wondered whether it was because of Aizen's master plan on Rukia. Gin must have knew the incident with Rukia and Kaien and her guilt for killing the one she admired. So Gin attempted to screw up her and expected her not act like the way the normal Rukia wanted to do for that guilt (aka accept death easily).

In Momo's case, yeah, Momo was Aizen's ultimate pawn. It's hopeless. So Hitsu - Momo's childhood - was being alerted at Gin into killing Momo so that Hitsu could focus on being by Momo's side and protecting her from Aizen. If you could look his action in that way of thought.

I ain't sure about Gin's action in Hiyori's case. It was extremely terrible, but she didn't die. Shinigami won't die if you don't cut them in the head. And who knows what would happen to her if Aizen was the one who ACTED when she charged at Aizen. Everything throwing to Aizen was all turned to ash. If Aizen was able to catch Hiyori and managed to use her to terrorize Shinji, it might be worse. I guess Hiyori's case was an impulsive case when Hiyori acted on her own feeling and Gin was acted on his own desire of killing Aizen and not wanting Hiyori charging into his target and getting her own death. So he bisected her himself to get her out of the battle, at the same time earned psycho points in Aizen's eyes.

No matter what you think, Gin did have an abnormal "concern" toward women other than Ran who blindly threw themselves to DEATH. Because Ran, his girl, would never be such kind of person!?

Ahem, the chapter got me excited and made want to review past chapter and over analysizing Gin's character :p
If Ulquiorra was a walking contradiction, Gin was the like a bullet. Once it fired, it can't turn back. Gin was fired with his straight and insistent intention in killing Aizen hidden behind his constant grin. He was like a bazooka but pretending that he's just a short gun. Both are firearms and dangerous. The only different is the amount of damage. That fox.

Back on the chapter left us with the cliffhanger of Aizen slashing Gin hard enough. It seemed likely that Aizen almost cut off Gin's shoulder. Payback? Yeah, Lust Arc parallel of the same style of slashing from the shoulder (not mention the LEFT torn sleeve revealing arm from Gin, Ulquiorra also lost his LEFT arm here), so I won't predict that he wouldn't die from that easily. I WANT HIM NOT TO DIE, but I won't dare to hope for Gin not to die. Because if it was indeed parallel with Lust Arc, Gin needed to DIE (for whatever sake of redemption) ;___; even if my heart didn't want him to do so like I wished it hard for what happened with Ulquiorra. I won't put much hope in Gin living when knowing the sadist side of Kubo. But who knows because we can only find out his fate in 2 weeks ;___; Both Ran and Kira still weren't there to see his death. But judging the way Kubo handled character's death, I wouldn't surprise if he let them find his already dead body instead of seeing him dying. We might see Kira arrived in time just to see Ran dragged her own wounded body to reach on Gin's cold hand of death ;__; as an allusion of the end of Lust Arc.

Before I stopped this long rant, I had a few words about Aizen. HE BORED ME TO DEATH. I was indifferent about his character because there's nothing in manga about him Kubo put for me to find the goodness in his character. But now I'm sure that I could HATE him out of open now. I guess maybe it was Kubo's intention when he developed Aizen that way, starting him from a cool and sauve villian (in both appearance and personality) in SS to an arrogrant ang smug villian in HM. We caught a glimpse of character in TBTP that Aizen had been EVIL all along. And now in FKT, Aizen portrayed a lot of acts that's MORE and MORE EVIL to the point became something INHUMAN. Somebody in bleachness  compared Aizen with Ichigo. While Ichigo was struggling to hold on his humanity while having more power at the same time, Aizen forsake it for the sake of more power. Ichigo was trying hard to gain back the heart he lost. Aizen had thrown the only organ heart he had in his chest to obtain power. While Ichigo became demon for the sake of protecting, Aizen became angel for the sake of destroying. Ironic, Kubo? I guess the difference was Ichigo having no conscious of his action and feeling regret of what he had done while Aizen was opposite. The only thing I wondered about Aizen was what had been driving him to plan on his way of GODhood for over 100 years and more than that. Will it be like Father in FMA? That Aizen wanted to understand everything in the world so badly that he had no choice but becoming god himself. Time will answer and I think Kubo won't disappoint me.


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