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30 Days Character Meme - Day 1

30 Days Character Meme

Fandom: BLEACH - Kubo Tite

[Heavy Images Warning]

1. Your favorite character: Ulquiorra CIFER

I had asked myself before for why I came to love this guy as much as he is the only main reason that I returned back to read BLEACH over and over again and pursued reading BLEACH up today. Funny enough, he was portrayed as “dead” in manga and currently MIA for A YEAR now. It still didn’t stop my addiction of fangirling and analysizing every time I caught an allusion of him in manga. If I was still reading BLEACH up to the end of Soul Society Arc, Rukia would definitely be my most favorite character, but when I moved on to Arrancar Arc, Ulquiorra had come to top that position in my heart.

Needless to say, but I love everything about him, his appearance, his personality, his character development, his interactions with other characters, notably Inoue Orihime, because it brought out the other side of him which was directly opposite with his appearance as suppose to be emotionless.

Ulquiorra first appeared in manga on the antagonist side, being all proud and sarcastic as a villian. Gradually, he changed bit by bit subtly, from both outside and inside, up to the obvious point where hero and villain switched their places at the climax. He was the one who stepped on the gray zone blurring the line between black and white perfectly.

The definition of his being as an Arrancar meant he is a hollow that gained back reason and the power of a shinigami. However, Ulquiorra is the first character showing me that not all hollows are as evil as they should have been. Hollows as the beginning aren’t evil beings, yet they’re treated as monsters, something that shouldn’t exist for the better sake of the world. Hollows at the beginning are supposed to be saved, to be cleansed of their sins, not to be treated as something that needed to be killed and destroyed. He is the first character portraying me the image of hollow as the fallen soul who saw everything in his eyes meaningless, was clueless on such simple matter like the heart, but regardless of all, still searched for the connection and in the end, became more “human” and at his last moment, finally saw the meaning of the heart through the connection with the least expect character of this series.

The character himself is a walking contradiction. He’s also a walking symbol (green eyes monster, regeneration ability, bat release, devil appearance, moonshield theme song, true despair, 7 deadly sins, the ash/heart and such). His existence is basically begged everyone to analyze him. It’s fun to decipher his speech, his thought and his action because they didn’t synchronize with each others. He said one thing, but thought and acted differently from what he had said before. Even his speech somehow also contradicted itself. Because of such characteristic, he is the most misunderstanding character in BLEACH because they only wanted to see him as the way they wanted him to be, cold and cruel villain only acting for order loyally and desire to fight like a hollow, not the one who had emotion and feeling toward others, not the one who deserved redemption, not the one who seek and found the heart through another character.

As I always joke Ulquiorra is a tsundere dork (definitely type A). Or should it be kuudere (because of his stoicism)? His ability of social interaction is at elementary level. The “I’m harsh at you, but I do care for you” level XD It was his contradiction personality that I fell in love at the first sight, not his appearance though. I admit that he’s cool and handsome. (I only find him sexy later) Because there’re lot of BLEACH characters who are also cool and handsome (Byakuya for reference). Ulquiorra is one of the rare male characters in BLEACH that satisfied my fangirl need because he seemed willing to strip all of his clothes for greater power (As much as I yearn, Byakuya doesn’t strip lol) The differences in clothes between his unsealed form and his 1st release, between his 1st release and his 2nd release are too DAMN obvious to me. Moreover, he is so wonderful in casual clothes and his chibi form is overdosed with cuteness.
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