June 14th, 2011

Everything Divides Us

UNMASKED-Ulquiorra's Backstory-UlquiHime Doujinshi-CANON

In which I recollect my thought and babble about my spazzing together with my analysis for Ulquiorra's Backstory Comic or UlquiHime Canon Doujinshi drawn & written by Kubo Tite in UNMASKED.

If you still have no idea what I'm taking about, update your BLEACH :D here - THE SOURCE OF MY HAPPINESS bleachness.livejournal.com/646106.html

I want to say thanks for your devotion and effort in BLEACH fandom, thanks Mz D at BleachAsylum for the scan of this comic, thanks chuuni  for the excellent translation and also thanks _debbiechan_  and her community, bleachness that hosted the party thread there. Also I had fun of spazzing in hilarious GIFs with my UlquiHime fellows in lovely_masoka who put up the party there.

Now, on board the chapter analysis. Warning, it will be long and wall of text and repeated points since it had been two years for me, for us to wait for Ulquiorra's return. My language might be incoherent in some parts because I'm high on for this chapter, but it's the happiness that I want to share :D Also I prefer to use the RAW since there's some part of the translation, I want to touch on.

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