May 27th, 2010

Hand Reach

Bleach 272 Screencap

This report will be the last one as this ep is the last ep that I would ever seen Ulquiorra, Orihime and UlquiHime again. Now if only the manga would do the deed for me, but Kubo-sensei is a sadist.

There's a lot of mind spinning and brain exploding in this ep. It took me a quite to gather all the thought together. Thinking about it, from the beginning when the anime was finally back to manga canon starting from animating Lust Arc, I didn't expect any much from Pierriot of how they would present the UlquiHime hand reaching scene that could top the manga over. I didn't hope that they could make the same impact to me when I read the manga. My only hope during that time was for they not screwing the scene up. As the anime processed ep by ep, my expectation just kept dropping lower and lower, well because of the OCC fillers, nonsense censor and extra tinny bits of random changes that called "canon omission". Overall, I think Pierriot did best with all the fighting and its effect. But when it came to emotional scene and characterization, they didn't give any effort to improve. I wonder whether I was being forgiving so easily. Oh well, the last ep of Ulquiorra really left me a good satisfaction. There are some ticking part that makes me sigh, but the ep as a whole really gave me a happy and sad feeling when it's over. For me to become emotional after watching the ep, I think it finally did a good deed. Thank you, Pierriot for trying hard to create the last memorial for UlquiHime hand reaching scene despite all of the screwing moments you did to them in the past.

I've watched the both RAW version and the SUB version from Dattebayo. Surprisingly, DB finally translated "kokoro" as "heart", not "soul". And the translation through this ep is very decent and pretty much accurate that I don't spot out any jokes. I wonder whether it's because this is also the last ep of Bleach that DB decided to sub seriously before dropping out. Anyway, I'm glad because it's freaking the time.

Overall about the animation quality, it's TOP NOTCH :> There's no weird face. It's even better than ep 270 which I had deemed as the best one in animation quality so far. But while ep 270 is a fighting ep, this ep is not for the fight, but for the emotion and the angst after the fight. This is the ep where every seiyuu did their best to convey their emotion, notably Ulquiorra's (Namikawa), Ichigo's (Morita), Ishida's (Noriaki) and Orihime's (Yuki). I tried to read the manga while hearing their voices, the edge of emotion really shook me up with shiver. That also went along with the choices of music using in this ep.

Like ep 271, flashback were used at full most though I did expect that would happen. Though overusing was not what I expected for, yet it still happened anyway.

Screencap will come in handle along with the sub because when eyesmex happened, we needs sub to know what the hell going on. Also the dialogues in this ep are what needed to note most as well as the images themselves. I will skip the screencap of the Rudobone fight because all my mind just focused on what happened on the dome.

This ep covers chapter 352, 353 and 5 pages of chapter 354. The ep opens with the fight between Rudobone and Rukia co. under the dome until Yammy finally fell down to the bottom. There's a bit fillerish because giving the Renji-Chad combo to help Rukia is a filler that the anime had screw up in the previous ep. But it's handled cleverly at the end. The ep ends with UlquiHime hand reaching and it seems that the anime decides to merge the end of chapter 353 and 5 pages of chapter 354 together. Besides what happens to IchiHime flashback and filler, everything pretty much follows the canon in manga.

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