May 22nd, 2010


Bleach Ep 271 Screencap

Ah ah, this ep is quite a torture to watch for me. Because it's all about Orihime being broken down to a messy wreth together with her n "Kurosaki-kun" and " What should I do" while Ulquiorra was brutally beaten up and humilated by Ichithing. No offense to Orihime's seiyuu, but she was successful in making my ear bleed with her kun chant.

In addition, the animation quality fluctuates up and down in this ep just like a stock market chart, especially when it comes to Orihime because the anime never gets her face right. Moreover, we has CENSORSHIP and that fucking censor had degraded the heroic in Ishida and whatever happened to Ulquiorra and Ichithing's hollow nature. Don't get me wrong, the fights are great. I like how they extends the fight between Ulquiorra and Ishida and the fight between Ulquiorra and Ichithing. The soundtrack and effect are amazing. I just dislike the very details in the manga that the anime decides to change in the anime just to fit the C. And also whatever happen with Ichigo after being blasted a hole in his chest.

I think the only thing that keeps me watching this torturous ep is Ulquiorra, and Ulquiorra only. Because most of best animation quality goes to him. And because I got chance to hear him PANTING and RECITING his LUST POEM sexy and smexy in the anime :> That made the ep worth.

Like I said in the previous screencap report, after the Dattebayo's mistranslation from "kokoro" to "soul" instead of "heart", I decide to watch another version from other fansubbers. And I discover Animatrix. While the quality is in HD that is better than DB, the translation from Animatrix is pretty much the same as DB except they properly translate "kokoro" into "heart", not "soul". So I recommend if you want to watch the sub of this ep where Ulquiorra read his poem about the "heart" in the preview and the sub of ep 272 which might feature the hand reaching scene and Ulquiorra talking about the "kokoro", better watch this version.

Screencap this time will be very selective and biased because I found none of any good quality snapshots of other characters beside Ulquiorra. There are some of Ishida though. I'm sorry about Orihime's quality. I try my best to get a good snapshot at her. The anime didn't allow me to do so. Ichithing is so scary to screencap to me, so I only post a few of him in account with Ulquiorra along.

This ep covers the total 3 chapter: 349, 350 and 351 from where Orihime zoomed the hole in Ichigo at the beginning of chapter 349 to where Ichithing blasted a big cero at Ulquiorra at the end of chapter 350. The CANON is pretty much screw up because of the censorship and some scene where the already-dead-Ichigo would be able to see everything happened to Ishida and Orihime and got up because he wanted to help them on his own account, but seriously, it's his instict, not his consciousness that made him rising. Pierriot, you're always failed. 

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