May 14th, 2010


Bleach Ep 270 Screencap Part 1

First and foremost, Ulquiorra's 2nd release happens in this ep.


Second, I'm sorry for all Ichigo fans because this is the ep where I enjoy watching Ichigo beaten up.

Unlike the previous eps, this time, this ep stays true to manga without adding any random OCC fillers. Though there are still some random filler moments in the name of extending the IchiUlqui fight. But I don't hate it anyway because it only means that Ulquiorra uses more attacks to beat Ichigo up.

Although I still spot some funny, wonky face drawing during the snapshot, the animation does get better. It's not the best, but in compare to the standard and the previous eps, the quality does get better.

I watched the sub version from Dattebayo. As much as I fear, there's a funny mistranslation of "kokoro" from DB that's "soul" instead of "heart" *facepalm* I guess, I'd better watch the other fansubber like Animax or ELEMENT for HD and better translation when "The Ash" and "heart" are animated in ep 272 and 273.

This ep covers the total 3 chapter: 346, 347 and 348 from where Ulquiorra broke a part of Ichigo's mask at the beginning of chapter 346 to the end of chapter 348 where he blew a hole in Ichigo's chest. So far, this ep is the most CANON ep in the Sins Arc after it returns to CANON.

I divided this post into 2 parts because there's a lot of good screencaps I take and want to post. The first part contents all kind of screencap of Ulquiorra fighting in his 1st release, MURCIELAGO. The second part contents all screencap of Ulquiorra fighting in his SEGUNDA ETAPA.

This is the first part and all comments of Ulquiorra in his 1st release will take place in this post ^_^


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Bleach Ep 270 Screencap Part 2

Part 2

Continue from part 1, this part is all about Ulquiorra in his SEGUNDA ETAPA and his EPIC BATTLE with the heart. Also the UlquiHime confrontation <3 Comment on Ulquiorra's 2nd release and UlquiHime will take place in this post ^_^

This ep is totally an Ulquiorra ep because it's full of Ulqui being all victory and smexy. Even the Omake Preview and Arrancar Encyclopedia are also about him. So I also include it in the screencap because it's hilarious to see Ulquiorra acting OCC.

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