May 6th, 2010


Bleach Ep 269 Screencap

First and foremost, Ulquiorra's 1st release happens in this ep. AND IT'S FRUCKING EPIC. So beware the SQUEEZE coming >w<

Second, I have a mixed feeling toward the rest of this ep. There is still an out-of-character feeling presenting. But compare to the previous, it's not much unpleasant. There are fillers in the name of "extending the fight" filler, but they did not butcher much the characters nor it's unpleasant to watch. I guess I'm biased afterall. Because, the main filler of this time is Ishida :3 But so far, I'm satisfied with the way the anime portrayed his fight with Yammy, in totally in character. Rukia is another debatable topic of OCC.

Unlike the two previous eps, the animation quality in this ep fluctuates from wonky sometimes to best of the best, especially at the end.

I watched the sub version from Dattebayo. There are some mistranslation, but not much different in meaning.

Screencap will be presented, mostly about Ishida and Ulquiorra because the SMEXY award of this ep went to them. I also intent to put on Ichigo's and Orihime's screencap, but the animation quality went into crap when it comes to Ichigo's mask and Orihime's kun one because in some occasions, they drew them very poorly.

This ep covers the end of chapter 343 where Yammy confronted with Ishida, chapter 344 and chapter 345. The only canon that is worth to mention is Ulquiorra's epic first release on the dome and his fast attack at Ichigo's head. The fight between Ishida and Yammy is prolonged in anime and takes at a different place from manga. Also there are more fillers in the fight between Rukia and Rudobone.

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