April 24th, 2010


Bleach 267 Screencap

Since Bleach anime is back to canon, so I'm going to recap some moments in the anime starting from ep 267 in compare with the manga. Because I have time while a bunch of sadist project papers nearby didn't appeal me any bit. I need inspiration, so I'm going to review my head now.

I've watched the both RAW version and the SUB version from Dattebayo. I guess it said enough for how much I have been looking forward Bleach anime returns to canon.

While I'm still a little nervous for how they're going to screw up the canon, I just hope they didn't make the OP just for show. Yeah, I'm always pessimistic when it comes to anime giving its past record for screwing things up, especially when it comes to the ever subtle UlquiHime-ness.

There's one thing for me to say about Dattebayo 's translation in the sub, it's sometimes wrong on some occasions. But at least, the most important lines are still the same. But I'm picky when I heard one meaning in Japanese and read another different meaning in English. At least, I'm glad that they kept the part where Ulquiorra called Orihime "onna" as "woman". I remembered from an old days, they still called her as "girl" and translated "kokoro" as "soul" instead of "heart" XO

Overall about the animation quality, I think it's above average, but it's not the best. It's better than the fillers, but it's neither better than the previous canon eps namely the Findor vs. Hisagi fight. Well, saving best things for the last, I guess. Some parts of fighting were too fast and I couldn't catch up while others were too slow when it didn't need to. Also reused frames and static dull expressions. Also the flow of the Ichi vs. Ulqui fight had been interrupted many times by the Chad / Renji moments, so I was just like a balloon, being stuffed air and being deflated it over and over again. It's not good for the nerve if they were doing it more than TWICE. I know it's for releasing the tension, but doing it too much just make me lost all of the tension that the IchiUlqui fight should built up on me. Then again, I admit that I like everything in relation of IchiUlqui fighting choreography. Because it was wonderfully well done.

Screencaps will come in handle though I'm not sure I could put all of them... I was intent to follow every panel in manga and screencap the particular similar scenes in anime, but I realized that there would be too much. So I probably just put some epic moments that I'd like to remember. So BEWARE for loads of images.

This ep consists the recap from the previous basically from the beginning of chapter 318 and from the end of chapter 339. The canon of this ep includes 2 chapters 340 and 341, also a little bit from chapter 342 (The Yammy & Puppy) in manga.

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