April 16th, 2010


Personality-type test

The test
The 4 personality type descriptions

My result:

... My personality is Phlegmatic Choleric.

Melancholy: 23% 
Strength: 2
Weakness: 7

Sanguine: 20%
Strength: 6
Weakness: 2

Phlegmatic: 35% 
Strength: 8
Weakness: 6

Choleric: 23% 
Strength: 4
Weakness: 5

Looking at my result, so I'm kind of half dog and half lion XD The type of Sensor and Intuitor. Seeking for Adventure and Harmony. Oh great XD Though my lax and easy-going personality exceed than my smugy bossy personality. My smugy bossy personality has the same percent with Melancholy (Ulquiorra is definitely in this type :p)  Based on strength and weakness, I guess that's why I'm more smugy bossy than being too analytical and sensitive.

Woa looking at my other personality chart, I'm pretty much a well-rounder in all 4 types of personality, huh? My strengths and weaknesses in those types are almost balanced out each other. I guess that's people would call as "normal". Thought there's something bugged me about the percent because 23% + 20% + 35% + 23% = 101% Where does that 1% come from? XD