April 14th, 2010

Hand Reach

Bleach new OP Screencap Report

 First, we're back to the canon with ep 266 and this is the RECAP ep.

Second, the only worth for this ep are the whole new OP & ED and watching Ulquiorra touched Orihime's boobs again.

Now I have obtained both the RAW and the SUB version, I'm going to make a report (together with fangirling and analyzing) of how my fangirl's beast had come loose roaming outside the cage and up until now I still had trouble to put it back into that broken cage.
I'm going to express my love and joy toward the new OP... starting by ranting about its animation. I intent to put on discussion about the OP lyric and ED report too, but this OP screencap report took longer than I thought, so I save them later in the next post. 

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