March 1st, 2010

Nata & annoying problems

What is the point of loging in, yet cannot upload my fic?

"Internal error" ---> Please try once more time

"It's probably the error from your file" ---> Please try again

"It's either interal error or your file's error ---> Please continue trying

"If the error happened again, please give your fic file to our support site" ---> There's no site for supporting or fixing the problem


For some reasons, the ability of *save* your favorite fic on your favorite folder in had been cracked too. While I can bookmark, I cannot *save* the fic as my favorite. They told me I should favorite the author instead. Unfortunately, my favorite author had more than 100 fic and I only liked one fic  among 100 of them. 

Those problems are not recently to me. It happened to me before and I had left it for months until I could get my computer fixed. Now why my comp had been fixed, yet the site still had not been repaired?

I'm in despair. Zetsubou shita.