November 12th, 2008


After A Deep Thought, I Deciced

After a deep thought, I deciced to blog Skip Beat Anime. Well, actually just to scream and yell all of my fangirlism for Skip Beat's awsome-ness.
I'm actually very happy that my favorite shoujo manga made into anime. If they could keep their character design and the plot followed the original manga, then I won't ask for more. And I even hope that the anime casting could do Skip Beat up to Kuu arc. (Do I ask too much?) I love Kuu's arc the most beside other RenxKyoko arcs. This is the dream of all fan girls that could see their beIoved characters moving, hear their voice speaking toward each other. Also, the comedy effects. There are so much things to look forward to. No matter how many times I keep reading over and over again, I still feel its awesome-ness and happiness. I feel joy and blissful for Kyoko and Ren (the couple I love) The genius of Nakamura-sensei is even with other characters, you still feel them awesome.
Here is the list of degree about the characters I love:
1. Ren
2. Kyoko
3. Kuu
4. Yashiro
5. Moko
6. Ogata
7. Sho
8. Lory
9. Maria
10. Bride Rock
11. Hiou
12. Shoko
13. Sawara
14. Reino
15. Vie Ghoul
Sorry, I'm not Sho's fan, but when I thought between Sho's poster and others' posters which I prefer to take. That's why the chart become like that. I prefer 1-6's posters over 7's poster. But from 8-15's posters and 7's poster, I would like to take 7's poster. But maybe I like 8-13 more than 7. Reino is definitely lower than Sho. I don't like him much. I don't like Sho either. But if the fact Sho saved Kyoko made my hatred's degree goes off a little bit. Because I'm rooting for Ren and Kyoko. So no Sho in my mind.
So I want to say that in my Skip Beat blog I will curse Sho a little bit ^__^ and scream for Ren or Ren and Kyoko scene to maximum XD

Skip Beat 1: Sho pissed me off sucessfully.

I watched Skip Beat 1. The art is pretty well done. I didn't really like Sho art much. Maybe it's just me feeling this way? Sho in this ep is successfully pissing me off. He showed me how much jerk is to my beloved Kyoko. I don't like his voice too. It's kind a bit low and has an arrogrant tone in it. That's really odd. Because his seiyu is the one who voiced Tamaki from Ouran High School Host Club. And I used to love his voice so much. Well, that's how much azaming his seiyu is. I like Kyoko's voice. Her sceam is the best when "SHO-CHAN NO POSTER" and "TSURUGA REN NO AHOU" ^___^ I don't want to write much about the summary. If you want to know, please go to watch the ep. So I will write my comment about the screencaps that I love.

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