September 1st, 2006


Tsubasa Chronicle (SII) ep 13&14 [39&40]

Well, I'm late. I finally keep up all of my anime and manga since my laptop was attacked by virus and I don't know why it was still in my ROM while I really did kill it. As a result, I had to reinstall all of my things again.

I can't use Search tool on Tokyo Toshokan.  WTH is it like that? I don't know. Really frustrated!

First with Tsubasa subbed by YGO. File in bittorent. I really want to get over with it because BT made a mess in my favorites anime. But somehow, I still cannot give it up yet. If in the X world, they don't make Kamui very carefully, I swear...

[YGO] Tsubasa Chronicle (Season II) - ep 13 [39]

[YGO] Tsubasa Chronicle (Season II) - ep 14 [40] NEW