July 24th, 2006


Ouran High School Host Club ep 16

Soure from Tokyo Toshokan. File in bittorent.

Because I have problem with Ouran 15 Lunar version. Its quality was so bad and it pissed me off. So I tried Ouran 15 from FRoP. And it turned out not bad either. I like it. So I post 2 version of Ouran 16 subbed by Lunar and FroP.

I have to say this ep was so good. Hikaru and Haruhi LOVE. So SWEET and TOUCHING.

[Lunar] Ouran High School Host Club - ep 16 NEW
[FRoP] Ouran High School Host Club - ep 16 NEW

Preview for the next ep : Haruhi and Kyoya DATE ~ OMG My beloved Kyoya

Note : You can go to FRoP website to get the direct link of Ouran 16.


Saiunkoku Monogatari

Another new anime. Saiunkoku Monogatari or The Tales of Saiunkoku with a lot of bishies and boy love (or it's just my wish to be like that)

The Tales of Saiunkoku :  
A long, long timeago, in an era infested by demons...
In that neverending chaos, a young man stepped on the journey.
To exorcise the demons, to bring peace to the people;
With that in mind, he kept going.
Finally moved by his sincerity, eight sages gathered.
Blue, red, green, yellow, white, black, brown and purple.
Named by the colors, they aided the young man with their mysterious powers and were later known as the "Saihasen"
That young man's name is Sougen...
With the wit of the 8 sages, he laid the foundation of his empire, and brought light to the people.
He became the first emperor of Saiunkoku.
After Sougen's death, the 8 sages disappeared.
But the palace he'd built for the sages, now known as Sentougen, still stands at the corner of the Imperial City.
Althought the 8 sages had disappeared, it's believed that they continue to live among the people.

But this is not the story, the real story is after that. Anyway it's a historical anime. The plot is quite good. And the characters are terribly beautiful.

Source : Tokyo Toshokan. File in bittorent. Sub by We Suck. They released 8 eps. Well the total is 39 eps. Be my guest.

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