July 19th, 2006


COMPLETED! Gakuen Heaven ep 13

Subbed by Aarinfantasy . File in bittorent.

Last ep! The kiss I wait for a long since the beginning of this anime. So great KazukixKeita forever!!! But the most touching scene is the scene between Jinx and that coma guy (his name's Yoshi if I remember correctly) His voice is so wonderful. The question which is never answered at the last  is quite amusing. DAMN I really want the answer.

Gakuen Heaven ep 13 NEW 

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So now it's COMPLETED! If you interest  in You Higuchi's anime, I had already found another her anime : NIGHT HEAD. She does the Original Character Design  part. Looks to be another sci-fi anime after Jyu-oh Sei. Night Head was originally a late-night live-action TV series, about two brothers, the Kirihara brothers who were locked up in a lab because of their psychic powers. Novel written by Iita Jouji, the director of the TV series. Still it haven't been released yet. But you can check the promo which is subbed at here. I'll look forward it. One more note, CLAMP used to draw the illustrations for two first volumes of this novel.


Ouran High School Host Club ep 15

Soure from Tokyo Toshokan. Subbed by Lunar, file in bittorent.

The first scene : the twin in bed ~MOE~ The second scene : Mori-senpai half-naked ~REFRESHING~ The third scene : Kyoya-evil in bed ~SUPE~ And the last but not at least : the brother LOVE ~NO COMMENT FOR MORE~

[Lunar] Ouran High School Host Club - ep 15 NEW

Preview for the next ep : I guessed wrong, so they divided Haruhi and Hikaru Arc into two parts. The first is the Battle and the sencond is the Date. Next : Haruhi and Hikaru's Date Look at Hikaru's jealousy.

Note : For some reasons, I thought the quality was so bad or is it me?