July 11th, 2006


Gakuen Heaven ep 12

Subbed by Aarinfantasy . File in bittorent.

Jinx-san so scary!! More Kazuki and Keita love. We have only one more ep to go.

Gakuen Heaven ep 12 NEW

BTW, following the Anime Expo News  2006, I was happy and unhappy at the same time. Gakuen Heaven will be licensed by Tokyo Pop. Anyway, I thought GH manga is a yaoi manga when I read vol 1. I wonder if I should go to buy it, the manga. In anime, I want the ending ep will end up like they will do that. But who know... for the long 12 eps, they still haven't kissed yet. Last ep was released in RAW. But I don't want to spoil so I will wait the sub from Aarinfantasy.

If I don't tell you, you also know Will Adapter is licensed by it too. If Emerald Eyes stops scanning it, I don't know I have to wait how many months for the lastest chapter like this. INDEED, I HATE WAITING but I HAVE TO WAIT.

Ouran High School Host Club ep 14

Soure from Tokyo Toshokan. Subbed by Lunar, file in bittorent.

I cannot but love Suou Tamaki so much in this ep. So cute! I love it when he looks Kyouya-senpai with his puppy eyes. And the host club is protecting their lord. The ending with Haruhi's straight face. So GREAT XD

[Lunar] Ouran High School Host Club - ep 14 NEW

Preview for the next ep : Haruhi and Hikaru Arc. Or I mean the twin arc. Together. YAY ^^