June 28th, 2006


Gakuen Heaven ep 11 & Princess Princess ep 11

Subbed by Aarinfantasy . File in bittorent.

The truth is revealed. Love Kazu-nii x Keita. But there's one more evil one, Jinx. I knew this will happen but why HE'S Jinx. This's ciffhanger. DAMN >< The ham-ham heaven is Keita and Kazuki. So cute ~ Gakuen Heaven will end in ep 13. So there're 2 eps left.

Gakuen Heaven ep 11 NEW

Princess Princess will end in ep 12. There's only 1 ep left TT__TT

Princess Princess ep 11 NEW

Update : 
- Tsubasa ep 35 (ep 9 of Season II) Find it in Tsubasa tag.
- Yasuaki's Ending (COMPLETED the bonus endings of HaruToki) Find all of them in HaruToki tag.