jenny_jade (jenny_jade) wrote,

XXXHolic ep 18&19

Tags: anime, clamp, xxxholic

  • Bleach 272 Screencap

    This report will be the last one as this ep is the last ep that I would ever seen Ulquiorra, Orihime and UlquiHime again. Now if only the manga would…

  • Bleach Ep 271 Screencap

    Ah ah, this ep is quite a torture to watch for me. Because it's all about Orihime being broken down to a messy wreth together with her n…

  • Bleach Ep 270 Screencap Part 2

    Part 2 Continue from part 1, this part is all about Ulquiorra in his SEGUNDA ETAPA and his EPIC BATTLE with the heart. Also the UlquiHime…

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